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Work with us

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We are just born but we are ready to meet people, organizations and professionals who share our passion for travel and hiking in Switzerland and neighboring countries. We strongly respect the trust that our community places in us and in our website! That’s why we are open to partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations and tourism organizations that share our values. For this reason we promote products or services only after having personally tested them and ensured that they bring exactly what they promise.

Collaborate with us!

Are you a tourism organization, an accommodation facility or a tour operator and you want to promote your activities or services? Do you want to analyze and improve the customer experience of your guests or use the power of social networks to gain greater visibility? We can put our experience and creativity at your service. Here is same example of what we can do for you:
Write and publish articles about your activity on the blog and on our social channels! But be aware: we strongly protect the trust of our readers! That’s why we promote products and services only after having personally tested them!;
– Analyze your communication strategy and create customized solutions with the aim of telling a story that is as much “live” as possible and “from the eyes of the customer” with the support of digital platforms and social networks;
– Create guides and digital publications on your behalf;
Test the “customer experience” that you are offering and we can support you in designing and implementing continuous improvement solutions to assure your customers the highest level of quality.
Do you have ideas and want to propose them to us? We can’t wait to know them! Contact us and we will discuss it with you!

Sponsorship and fairness: the PerSpa way!

PerSpa in Wanderland is our digital home! We love to share our passions for hiking and travel with our community! However, keeping a blog updated and maintained has considerable costs as well as traveling to produce quality content. For this reason, from time to time we enter into cooperation agreements with private individuals, companies, organizations and tourism organizations. Many ask us how we can remain objective and independent in the face of sponsorship that is directly or indirectly paid for. The answer to this question lies in the total respect that we want to ensure to the four principles we have set ourselves and that we share with you below.

Our principles


We only sponsor products and services from companies that share our values and philosophy of hiking and travel;


We prefer long-term collaborations, because they allow us to build transparent cooperation relationships based on mutual trust with partner companies;


“Would we recommend this product / service to a friend or family member?”. This is the first question we ask ourselves with each new collaboration proposal. On this blog you will only find sponsorships for products and services that we have previously tested!


We make all paid sponsorships transparent on our blog and on our social channels: we do it not only because the law requires it but also in consideration of the high respect for our readers.

In this way we ensure that we can remain “live” also in the future, but also that we always continue to be a source of information and inspiration for our readers’ next excursion or trip.

Be a Guest Blogger!


Are you a travel and hiking blogger and are you open to collaborate with other bloggers who share your passions? Do you want to tell us about a special trip or a unique experience you have had? Do you consider yourself a travel expert and want to make your expertise available to other people? We periodically publish quality content from our readers and friends. Send us your proposal! But remember to follow a few simple rules:
– Write an article that isn’t too long. Usually, our pieces are made of around 1500 – 2000 words. If you have more to tell, you can write more articles and we can decide together how and when to publish them;
– Keep your writing style as well! We want our blog to be “home” also for its community of readers. However, send us only articles in line with our topics: hiking and travelling in Switzerland and Europe;
– PerSpa in Wanderland is made of content primarily written in English and translated into German and Italian. It is a demanding choice, we are aware of it! But it comes from the desire to share our passions with as many people as possible! We therefore kindly ask you to send us your texts in one of the three languages listed above and to accompany it with a quality translation in the remaining two. For maintaining an high quality, we reserve the right to make small changes;
– We have in great consideration SEO optimized texts, but we don’t accept any form of keyword-stuffing! If necessary, your text may contain links to external resources as long as these are high-quality resources and only if they add value to the text;

Images, posted in a carousel form, are the heart of this blog: therefore always accompany your articles with at least ten high quality images (recommended resolution 1024*768).
– As a Guest blogger, you will be responsible for the content you propose and the photos or videos that must accompany each text. You will therefore have to ensure that the material sent is original and that it will remain so over time. To this end, with the publication, you undertake to assign us the exclusive rights to publish the agreed contents.
– Make sure you have the intellectual property of the submitted materials. Any violation of copyright law will be your responsibility as the author of the contribution!
– Always send us your text (preferably in .docx format) with a short presentation of the author, a photo of you and a link to your blog or social media profiles.
We are looking forward to reading your articles!

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