Winter hike from Klewenalp to Stockhütte

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Winter hike from Klewenalp to Stockhütte

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The Klewenalp Region, just above Lake Lucerne, offers many opportunities for hikers in both summer and winter. Located at 1593 m above sea level, here you can enjoy the sun's rays even on cloudy days, above the sea of fog. During the cold season, the area also offers plenty of options for winter sports enthusiasts who can get here easily, both by car and by public transport. We were here on a sunny Sunday in February and this is the report of our hike.


We love... Klewenalp!

Located in the heart of Switzerland, just above Lake Lucerne, the Klewenalp Region offers many opportunities for hiking and winter sports enthusiasts who can get here easily, either by car or public transportation. Here you can enjoy magnificent hikes on well-prepared and marked trails – with or without snowshoes – or go skiing, cross-country skiing or sledding. The ski area, located at an altitude of about 1600 meters, allows during the winter to get over the sea of fog on the lake and find the warm rays of sunlight even on days that in the valley would otherwise be gray. We were here during a Sunday in February to do an easy hike in the snow, from Klewenalp to Stockhütte. So, here for you is our itinerary and some useful tips! And for a safe and risk-free winter hike, remember to read our tips at this link!

Hike overview & map

The hike we propose is a linear route that starts from the upper station of the Beckenried – Klewenalp cable car and offers a magnificent view of the imposing mountains that surround this region and of Lake Lucerne, often during the winter covered by a surprising sea of fog. This is an easy route of about 5.5 km that can be covered in about two hours at a relaxed pace. The trail is well-marked and runs along snowy, well-prepared roads, so just wear good waterproof hiking shoes. If you have snowshoes, bringing them with you you can opt for a couple of detours that will allow you to extend your stay. It should be said that the official hiking trail meets in several points – and often overlaps with it – the sledding track, so if you decide to bring your sled with you you can make your day in the snow more varied and fun. If, on the other hand, you’re just going to walk, then we suggest you be a little careful and cautious on the way. There are no picnic areas available along the trail, but you will find several restaurants and accommodations near the cable cars in both Klewenalp and Stockhütte and all along the trail. The trail can also be walked in the opposite direction. In this case, you will have to take the gondola from Emmetten to reach Stockhütte.
At this link (in german) you can find all the information about the state of operation of the lifts and some webcams, for a more detailed check of the weather conditions on site and the state of snow. Here you can also consult an interactive map of the area with an indication of the various tracks and facilities for winter sports.


Hiking route

Arrival in Klewenalp

We reach Klewenalp on a sunny February day. We escaped from Lucerne trying to leave behind a grey sky and a cold winter day and we don’t have to wait long to see the first rays of sunshine again! All we have to do is make a short line at the lower station of the cable car and climb up the steep mountainside to the summit at Klewenalp. It’s very busy up here: hikers of course, but above all winter sports enthusiasts with sledges, skis and snowshoes. The winter hiking trail to Stockhütte, our final destination, also starts here. The trail is slightly downhill and therefore very easy and pleasant to walk. In Klewenalp, right next to the arrival station, you will also find the toilets – we won’t see any others during the walk to Stockhütte – and several accommodations such as hotels and restaurants that offer solutions for all tastes and budgets.
From the cable car station, we start our hike in the direction of the small Klewenkapelle, a picturesque little church in a slightly elevated position above the path which, in its outdoor areas, is often used as a resting place for visitors. From here the path proceeds slightly downhill between the ski slopes, in a wide open space. After about 1.5 km we arrive at Tannibüel. From here a chairlift takes you up to Chälen, at about 1900 meters, where a couple of skiing tracks and a sledding track start. If it’s time for a break, there is also the Berggasthaus Tannibüel, where you can eat or stay overnight. We continue for another kilometer along a well-marked winter trail. The first 2.5 km of the hike is easy, but on busy days, watch out for sledgers hurtling down the valley, because the winter hiking trail is also marked as a sledding trail and is quite busy!

Towards Stockhütte

The descent to Stockhütte begins about three kilometers from Klewenalp. This section of the trail leads through the forest. It may therefore be a little colder, but the walk downhill is still pleasant and relaxing. Also here, from time to time we see some sleds whizzing by. The path in the wood is about 2 km long and at the end of it the view opens again on a wide valley and some houses. Along this last part of the path, you will find some red benches saved from the snow for a short break. To your left are the ski slopes and some ski lifts. Stockhütte is now very close and can be reached in just under 10 minutes. The area of Stockhütte is very popular. Here you will find many accommodations and, of course, a restaurant. We take advantage of this for an afternoon snack and a coffee. The gondola takes you back to the valley. But if you’re taking your sled with you, it’s also possible to take the sledging trail down into the valley from here to Emmetten. Just check the condition of the trail beforehand at this link! And if you don’t have a sled, you can always rent one at the Stockhütte mountain station and return it to the Emmetten valley station.

How to get there

Arriving by public transport

Bus stop "Beckenried, Post"


To get to Klewenalp, you’ll need to take the cable car from Beckenried on Lake Lucerne. You can reach Beckenried starting from the Lucerne train station to the Stans train station. Here, you will take PostBus line 311 to the “Beckenried, Post” stop. The valley station of the cable car is a 5-minute walk away.
For a special experience, you can also reach Beckenried from Lucerne by boat. The trip, a bit longer and more expensive than the bus and train combination, is nonetheless very scenic and absolutely enjoyable
It is possible to check the purchase options and buy tickets – both for train or boat – through the SBB website or the SBB App, which we recommend you use anyway to check timetables and operation of the lines.

***PLEASE NOTE***: At the end of the route, a cable car will take you from Stockhütte back down into the valley to Emmetten, just a little further on than Beckenried. From here you can take PostBus 311 back to Stans train station.

Arriving by car

Beckenried Parking area


Klewenalp is not directly accessible by car, so if you decide to arrive here by car you will have to use the cable car from Beckenried on Lake Lucerne. You can therefore drive to Beckenried and park your car here in the large parking area right next to the cable car station. Parking fees are CHF 5.00 for the entire day. Beckenried can be reached by car via the A2 highway and taking either the Buochs/Beckenried exit or the Beckenried/Emmetten exit.

***PLEASE NOTE***: At the end of the route, a gondola will take you from Stockhütte back down into the valley to Emmetten, just a little further on than Beckenried. From here you can take the PostBus number 311 and return to the Beckenried valley station (stop “Beckenried, Post”) to pick up your car.



If you arrive here by car and then need to return to the valley at Beckenried, one possibility is to arrive at Stockütte and redo the route to Klewenalp in the opposite direction. You won’t get bored, because the landscape is so beautiful and varied that you’ll feel like you’re on a different path (even if it’s slightly uphill)!


This trail, with a few minor adjustments, is also accessible during the summer together with many other hiking options in the area. Take note for the warm season!


If you don’t have your own sled but would like to try one, this area is perfect because the trail is well maintained and not very steep. You can rent a sled for CHF 10 at both the Klewenalp and Stockhütte mountain stations and return it at either of the two mountain stations or at the Emmetten valley station.


To make your day even more enjoyable, why not take the boat from Beckenried back to Lucerne? The trip takes just over an hour, but it will repay you with a magnificent view of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding high mountains!


Are you planning a hike here and have doubts or questions about this route? Let us know by leaving a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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