The Sense Resort: a kid with big ambitions

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The Sense Resort: a kid with big ambitions

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The Sense Experience is a modern seaside resort with a romantic position right in the middle of the Gulf of Follonica. It has become one of our favourite places due to the location and a modern, fresh but elegant concept that make it an unique place in the hospitality scene in the Maremma area, in general too traditional and almost completely oriented to families and with rare hints of originality.

The Sense Resort

Viale Italia, 315
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We love... The Sense Resort!

The Sense Experience has become one of our most preferred hotels in the Summer of 2021 after spending there a week of holidays. A short break that we can undoubtedly include within the most enjoyable one in the last few years. We discovered it by pure chance! The location and the modern, fresh but elegant concept make it an unique place in the hospitality scene in Maremma, in general too traditional and almost completely oriented to families and with rare hints of originality.

An hotel with an ancient past

It is a 4-star superior hotel that is located a few kilometers away from the city of Follonica, in the middle of the gulf that takes its name from the city. It offers a private beach with a privileged view of Elba Island that lies directly in front of the Resort. The structure extends over a 5-hectare park, largely consisting of typical pine forest and sand dunes: a true paradise! The shape and layout of the buildings that compose the hotel are peculiar and this can be easily explained by the fact that this facility has been built in the 1960s to host a summer camp for children and then fully renovated starting in 2016 with the purpose of transforming it into an innovative and low-environmental-impact resort. Colors are the masters here: the blue and green of the landscape contrast in a harmonious and never-trivial way with the white of the buildings. In addition to the private beach, the property includes a heated swimming pool, a big parking space, an outdoor fitness area, a bar, a restaurant and various entertainment options.

High quality and Dolce Vita style

The resort opened its doors in the summer of 2020 and the young age is visible in some minimal flaws in the service and organization. Anyhow, the small flaws are completely offset by the excellent state of maintenance of the resort and by the kindness and hospitality of the entire staff: during all times of our stay we felt pampered with discretion and care as only a high-quality service can do.
Upon arrival by car, we had some small difficulties in identifying the main gate due to the fact that the signs are a little hidden and therefore not fully visible from the road. The difficulties encountered are however promptly compensated by a surprising welcome. At the reception, check-in is quick and easy. We welcome the offer of a refreshing drink as well as the help offered by the staff to transport our luggage to the assigned room. The idea of ​​accompanying new guests with a golf Cart on a guided tour of the resort has been a pleasant surprise and an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the structure and its spaces, to understand how to orient yourself and ask information and suggestions about the available services.
We certainly enjoyed the private beach and the relaxation areas. On the other hand, we did not have the opportunity to try the heated swimming pool, which is located in a slightly isolated area from the central bodies of the hotel: given the typical summer climate we encountered and the clear and calm sea water during the period of our staying, we decided to fully enjoy the beach instead of the pool.
The grassy green square in the middle of the main buildings is the beating heart of the structure. Here you can find the restaurant and its outdoor dehors, the relaxation islands with tables, sofas and garden swings, and the “Red Rabbit”, a small mobile bar that offers excellent cocktails from 10.30 a.m. until late at night: the perfect place for an aperitif at sunset in full Dolce Vita style. Or, if you prefer, a peaceful after dinner! On summer evenings and weekends, the square is animated with live music, always elegant and relaxed entertainment, never gross.

Tuscan cuisine and more

Finally, noteworthy is the excellent cuisine of the Dimorà, the hotel’s Restaurant, who focuses on Tuscan cuisine (and beyond) prepared with a selection of local, high-quality ingredients.
We can strongly say that The Sense is one of our favorite places because it keeps the promise of giving its guests a relaxing experience in harmony with the surrounding environment. The small flaws in the service and organization, that however have not compromised at all the pleasantness of our stay, will certainly be solved with time and experience. Anyway, we will certainly be back to verify that this is the case!



The main gate of the Resort is located beyond a roundabout. It consists of a large white metal gate that rises on the other side of a small bridge, also white, for the carriage crossing of a water channel. On your arrival, please ring to open the gate: you will be greeted by the reception staff. Once you have your room’s magnetic key, you can also use it to open the entrance gate and enter and exit the parking lot.


On a couple of occasions, we had difficult to find a free table for dinner. Obviously, we took the opportunity to visit some restaurants in the area around the hotel, but if you are lazy and do not want to go out after a relaxing day, we suggest you guarantee yourself a place by booking the half-board service.


Are you planning a trip here? If you have any questions or need additional tips let us know by leaving a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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