5 hikes to discover the Swiss mountains in Summer

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5 hikes to discover the Swiss mountains in Summer

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It's finally summer again and it's time to go hiking in the high mountains, discovering places that are not normally accessible during the winter or that you can only discover by practicing winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. After all, the best way to experience summer in Switzerland is to explore its mountains and its numerous hiking trails! There is no shortage of choice here. In this post, however, we suggest 5 hiking routes that you can't miss this summer!

We love... hiking in Summer!

1. Rigi Panorama Trail, from Kulm to Scheidegg

Mount Rigi, the “Queen of the Mountains” as it is lovingly called by the locals, has a long and proud tradition of hospitality. In the 19th century, it was already well known in Europe as a holiday destination. Even Queen Victoria decided to visit this place in September 1868! Surrounded by three lakes, Lake Lucerne, the Zugersee and the Lauerzersee, the 1797-metre-high Rigi is a popular destination both for tourists, because of its easy accessibility, locals and summer and winter sports lovers, which here are regularly practised throughout the whole year.
The route we propose, one of our favorites in central Switzerland and around Lucerne, starts at the top of the Rigi mountain (Rigi Kulm) and leads through scenic spots and green valleys to Rigi Scheidegg. It is an easy route of about 10 km, which can be covered in about two and a half hours. There are also many picnic areas along the route with public barbecues, benches for relaxation, restaurants and toilets.

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2. Gotthard 5 lakes circular route

The Gotthard Pass, in German Gotthardpass, is one of the main Alpine passes and one of the regions richest in history and legends. At an altitude of more than 2,100 meters, the Gotthard region is characterized by numerous natural and man-made alpine lakes. With their bizarre shapes and bright colors, they are the perfect destination for a challenging but certainly impressive summer hike. The circular route that we propose starts from the Ospizio San Gottardo and returns to the starting point, passing by five alpine lakes and a few other pools of water surrounded by a barren and wild landscape typical of high altitudes. This is a medium-difficulty itinerary, which we nevertheless consider to be demanding because of the more than 14 km that can be covered in more or less five hours.

3. Circular route around Lake Melch and Tannen

Melchsee-Frutt is a popular mountain village due to its wide range of accommodation and the great variety of summer and winter sports on offer. The entire high plateau, with its two lakes, Melchsee and Tannensee, surrounded by high mountains, perfectly combines the magnificence and austerity of the Alpine landscape with a variety of hiking options to suit all needs. The circular route that we propose develops around the Melchsee and the Tannensee, with a short passage on the peak at Bonistock, at 2168 m. It is a medium-difficult route, about 11.5 km long, that can be covered in more or less three and a half hours, offering several interesting viewpoints over the surrounding lakes and mountains.

4. Via Alpina, 4 lakes hike in Engelberg

The “Via Alpina” is a popular hiking trail of nearly 400 kilometers that crosses 14 passes and 7 Swiss cantons, offering an interesting and varied insight into the landscape and culture of this wonderful mountainous area. In this article, we tell you about the 4 Lakes Hike (in German, 4-Seen-Wanderung), a portion of the “Via Alpina” that starts at Trübsee – near Engelberg in Central Switzerland – and reaches the Melchsee-Frutt hiking and skiing area. This is a moderately difficult hike with a discrete incline, but it is also very flexible because all the main uphill or downhill sections are easily avoided via chairlifts, which makes the route much easier and enjoyable even for those who are less fit. The total route is about 15 km, which can be covered in just under 5 hours. Alternatively, you can reach the Jochpass with the chairlift from Trübsee and start your hike from there.

5. Mythen, hiking from Rothenflue to Mostelberg

The Mythen region is a popular hiking area in Central Switzerland that offers plenty of opportunities for recreation and outdoor fun. The area is accessible by several cable cars, and there is a wide choice of hiking trails to suit all needs and fitness levels. Here we propose to you the scenic trail from the Rotenfluebahn to the Mostelberg-Sattel area. This hike is a linear route of about 10 km, which can be covered in three and a half hours at a relaxed pace. It is a route of medium difficulty, with some slight ascent and descent and – in the final part – a couple of sections in the wood with rough and uneven terrain. Here is required to wear good shoes and possibly to use trekking poles for better stability. On the way, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains around and the Lake Lucerne.

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