Circular winter walk in Mostelberg and the Skywalk bridge

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Circular winter walk in Mostelberg and the Skywalk bridge

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Mostelberg offers plenty of recreational opportunities for adults and families in both summer and winter. During the cold season, the area hosts many ski slopes, a funny toboggan run, and some scenic winter hiking trails. Don't miss the ride on the famous rotating gondola and a walk along the Skywalk suspension bridge. In this article, we tell you about our circular itinerary in this idyllic place, not excluding the famous Skywalk suspension bridge!

We love... Mostelberg!

Mostelberg offers many recreational opportunities for adults and families in both summer and winter. During the cold season, the area is home to several ski slopes, a funny toboggan run and some scenic winter hiking trails. Located in Canton Schwyz, Mostelberg can be reached from the village of Sattel via a very special gondola lift – the Drehgondelbahn – whose cabins rotate on themselves during the descent to allow travelers to admire the 360-degree panorama! Once at the top, also not to be missed is a walk along the famous Raiffeisen Skywalk suspension bridge, one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world at 58 meters high and 374 meters long. So in this article, we tell you about our circular route to this idyllic place!

Hike overview & map

The winter circular trail we propose starts from Mostelberg and, following a well-beaten snowy path, runs around Hochstuckli until it reaches Mostelberg again. For this hike you will only need to wear ordinary waterproof hiking shoes. However, we suggest you bring snow spikes or hiking poles because you may encounter ice in some places. This is an easy route of about 6 km, which can be covered in less than two hours. Along the way you will have access to some viewpoints of the lakes and valleys surrounding the area. For a snack or lunch, we suggest you stop at the Berggasthaus Mostelberg or the Berggasthaus Herrenboden, which offers excellent cuisine and very friendly and cordial staff.


Would you like to use our hiking map?

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Hiking route

Upon our arrival, the line to take the cable car is a bit longer than expected. On the other hand, Mostelberg is a popular family recreation destination, and the funny toboggan run from the top station of the cable car to the bottom station is the reason for the continuous coming and going of people and toboggans up and down with their children. By the way, buying tickets online before our arrival helped us to avoid the queue at the ticket counter. The cable car ride is not very long but it is really pleasant: the cabins actually turn 360 degrees on themselves and this allows all travelers to observe the view around which, it must be said, is really beautiful. At this link, you can find more information about the Sattel-Hochstuckli area, all the experiences offered there, and purchase cable car tickets in advance.
The cable car operates between December and March (winter timetable) from 09:00 to 16:30 and on weekends with longer hours (08:30 to 17:00).

From Mostelberg to the viewpoint Mostelegg

Arriving at the top station of the cable car in Mostelberg, we immediately begin our snow hike! We can’t wait to get away from the crowds and find some calm along the way! Starting from Mostelberg, we immediately set off in the direction of the Skywalk Suspension Bridge. The metal bridge, about 400 meters long, connects two areas of the mountain otherwise separated by a gorge and a small river, allowing easy access to the winter hiking trail. The side barriers are quite high and equipped with handrails. Like all suspension bridges, there is minimal sway while crossing, but not too much! From the end of the bridge, the actual winter hiking trail begins and after about 600 meters reaches the Herrenboden mountain restaurant (Berggasthaus Herrenboden). Here you will find good food, some hot drinks, and a toilet. Continue along the beaten path, but pay attention because a ski slope crosses the path. Be sure to watch that no one is coming before you cross!
From the ski slope, an easy flat walk of about 1 kilometer begins along a path that opens onto a snow-covered valley. Here you will also find a couple of benches for a break. After one kilometer, you will have reached the highest point of the hike, at about 1270 meters above sea level: the Mostelegg viewpoint. Take a short break to admire the view!

From the viewpoint Mostelegg to Mostelberg

Have you taken any pictures? Yes? Then you are ready to get back on the trail. The stretch of trail immediately after Mostelegg is probably the most beautiful because it looks out over the valley below and the lakes in the area, including Lake Lucerne. Take a leisurely walk and enjoy the beauty of the place. We suggest caution after about 1.5 kilometers from Mostelegg, because a short section of the trail runs through the forest. Here the path becomes narrower and, at the time of our visit, was icy. To avoid the risk of slipping, we suggest taking snow spikes or hiking poles with you. However, this is a rather short section, moreover it is enriched by small and large wood and metal sculptures that will surprise you among the trees. Continue for about 700 meters further until you come to the Engelstockweid Alpine Farm (Alpwirtschaft Engelstockweid). During winter the farm is closed, but take note for your next summer hike here! From Alpwirtschaft Engelstockweid, Mostelberg is still only a kilometer or so away.

How to get there

Arriving by public transport

See the location in Google Maps. The starting point of this excursion – the mountain station of the Drehgondelbahn – can be reached by public transportation. By train, you will have to reach the Sattel station and, from there, walk about 500 meters to the bottom station of the gondola. The entire route can be purchased via the SBB website or SBB app and as always, we suggest that you use the same website or app to check the timetables and different travel options in advance. Up-to-date information on the status of the cable car can be found at this link.

Arriving by car

See the location in Google Maps. The starting point of this hike – the mountain station of the Drehgondelbahn – is not accessible by car but only by cable car. Therefore, you can leave your car at the valley station in Sattel. Here you will find paid parking. To find the best travel option for you, as always we suggest you use Google Maps. Up-to-date information on the status of the cable car can be found at this link.



In the last few years, low-altitude ski areas such as Sattel-Hochstuckli suffer from a lack of snow for a part of the winter season. Whether you just want to go for a winter walk or take advantage of the ski slopes, our advice is to check the official website for snowfall status.


The toboggan run that runs from the top station of the cable car to the bottom station looks really fun! Why not give it a try? You can purchase a day ticket (CHF 35.00) that includes cable car transportation for the entire day!


Are you planning an excursion here and have doubts or concerns? Let us know by leaving a comment below and we will give you a feedback as soon as possible!

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